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Our Programs


TCOM safe baby program will allow us to provide emergency assistance to households with infants. The organization will accept special donations for newborn-infants specific needs including diapers, formula, baby food, car seats, blankets, strollers, clothing, and any other essential needs. On call delivery of these items will be provided by a TCOM volunteer associate as needed.


 This program allows TCOM to host events and training throughout the year that helps families affected by fostering. We seek to empower families to establish routines and tools to navigate situational hardships. 


The organization will identifying applicable elective trainings and life skills activities for parents. Furthermore, TCOM Families will refer participating families to local family services and or authorities to provide ongoing assessment and additional support outside of the program's scope if necessary. The organization will partner with a mental health therapist as another therapeutic intervention offered to TCOM Families to support the family unification process and healthy relationships building.


TCOM  support is a program that provides support groups for at-risk youth and families affected by the injustice and shortcomings of the current foster care system. The TCOM support program will offer a virtual support group and a dedicated professional support team to allow the most appropriate and helpful care we can provide.

TCOM support will also provide single parent and grandparent support groups and services will also be provided to help non-traditional families thrive.


TCOM cares provides immediate need for children and foster families. TCOM will work with foster care agencies, other social assistance organizations, and the community at large to obtain or directly refer a foster child or families in need for emergency items such as food, clothing, toiletries, household items and other applicable resources.


 TCOM works is a job readiness program developed for youth ages 16 to 21. Participants will build the essential  career- relevant skills needed for obtaining stable employment, personal development, and effective job performance. This program will also assist and support the transition to post- secondary education and or trade school through a personalized support plan.

TCOM works will build relationships with local businesses to help youth in the community gain experience in a field of their interest.


The TCOM youth center will provide programs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The youth center will partner with local communities and schools to facilitate safe enrichment programs, peer groups, mentorship, camps, anad special workshops.


By providing a safe nurturing environment for the community, our organization will be able to offer valuable and beneficial services that dramatically reduce violence, community unrest, crime, foster care system shortcomings, all while inrigorading the relationship between the youth, the community, local organizations, businesses, and The Covenant Outreach Mission.


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