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Our Programs


At TCOM, our mission is to provide safe and supportive transitional housing for children aging out of foster care. We are committed to empowering these young individuals as they transition into adulthood by offering a nurturing environment where they can develop essential life skills, achieve independence, and realize their full potential.


 This program allows TCOM to host events and training throughout the year that helps families affected by fostering. We seek to empower families to establish routines and tools to navigate situational hardships. 


The organization will identifying applicable elective trainings and life skills activities for parents. Furthermore, TCOM Families will refer participating families to local family services and or authorities to provide ongoing assessment and additional support outside of the program's scope if necessary. The organization will partner with a mental health therapist as another therapeutic intervention offered to TCOM Families to support the family unification process and healthy relationships building.


TCOM financial literacy program allow children, young adults and families to learn about finances, budgeting, credit, real estate, trades and entrepreneurship by providing weekly or monthly classes with hand-on training and goal planning. 


The TCOM community garden is a program that allows children of the community to learn agriculture through camp and hands- on learning. Children will be able to learn about healthy eating, herbs, plants, vegetables, fruit, and flowers, while giving back to the community. 

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