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The Covenant Outreach Mission will solicit volunteer coaches of various professional backgrounds, but with a common interest in coming together to uplift foster children. TCOM volunteers and contracted facilitators will be selected by the executive director and will work directly under the outreach coordinator in the following programs: TCOM CARES, TCOM FINANCIAL LITERACY, TCOM FAMILIES, TCOM WORK READY, and TCOM COMMUNITY GARDEN.


Mentors will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of the programs by engaging participants on an ongoing basis and encouraging them to partake fully within by modeling best practices and setting an example of positive leadership.


The organization will ensure that materials are available for instruction and facilitators are following only the strategies outlined by facilitator's curriculum guidelines. The organization will routinely observe and evaluate facilitators and other program support staff to ensure that content is delivered effectively, and each group cohort receives a similar experience to achieve the expected outcome.

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